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psychick warriors ov gaia-1989 lp (sacred summits)

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psychick warriors ov gaia: 1989

Still charged, the deep tribal trance of Reinier Brekelmans, Reinoud van den Broek and Robbert Heijnen. A Double Dutch mixture of Industrial and Detroit techno, lacing Acid House with some of the liveliest oppositional ideas of the time, about art, nature and politics. From the same neck of the enchanted forest as Psychic TV and Coil... but this album is kicking dance music. Originally released on cassette in 1989. Reissued in silk-screened sleeves, with notes by Reinoud. Great, bracing stuff. 'We are very interested in the methods of "those primitive peoples" who used dance throughout the ages, as a celebration of life or a way to communicate with spirits. To be spiritual is a strange word now but you can break the structures of conditioning with that physical experience. That's the side we're interested in.'

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