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psyk-time foundation 2lp (mote evolver)

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psyk: time foundation

After two successful EP releases on the label, Psyk aka Manuel Anós is back on Mote-Evolver, inaugurating his first full-length album effort with Time Foundation. It's no surprise that Psyk is releasing his debut album on the label, as his previous two EPs Distane (2012) and Arcade (2013) have both left people wanting more. Time Foundation proves to be an outstanding collection that shows the full spectrum of Psyk's sound and the range of his skills as he expands and explores different depths and moods. Keeping the energy level constant at the peak, there's no downtime in Time Foundation. And while 10 sharp-cut tracks are all armed with clean, streamlined groove and impressive sound design, sounding incredibly slick and effortless, once you listen closely, these tracks demand your attention. The opener "Automatic" rolls like a well-oiled machine on cruise control with the signature of a single chord bouncing on top of a relaxed but energetic groove. Expanding on a similar theme is "Myriad," which takes a further playful approach. "Riot" steps into more minimal territory, featuring a subtle development that keeps you engaged while "Avalon" grounds itself to just heavy enough bass kicks to evoke deeper vibes without compromising its uplifting spirit. Slipped in the middle of the album like an intermission is "Five," and it's a curious and ominous track that flashes a different side of Psyk. It shows off his craftmanship as muted and muffled beeps faintly go in and out while a blinking synth melody renders a unique, intriguing beauty. Starting off the second half is "Silhouette," picking up the tempo and elevating the mood with bass drums and claps, followed by the demure crescendo of melody and floating fuzzy hiss of "Shift." "Nine" is designed for the deeper moments you encounter during longer sessions in the club, surrounded by people yet alone with the pulse of music. The album closes with the stunning "L3" -- swinging white noise and a hint of acid invite you back to the beginning of the album to listen all over again. Time Foundation is packed with no-frills, on-point peak-hour techno tools finely executed with a minimalistic concept of doing more with less. It's a highly functional album that spoils the listener with mesmerizing details and provides the diversity of sounds and textures today's techno has to offer.

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