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public image ltd-first issue 2cd (light in the attic)

Price: $19.99


public image ltd: first issue

lydon, levene, wobble, walker. crushing debut reissued in an expanded 2cd set featuring an unedited 1978 bbc interview, the rare b-side 'the cowboy song' & 2 stickers. this should be in every collection.

read on: In 1976 Johnny Rotten and the Sex Pistols set the agenda for punk's year zero with 'Anarchy in the UK,' a song that summed up the spirit, sound and attitude of the band in one shocking package. Two years later, the Sex Pistols were in tatters, but Rotten was as unsentimental as you'd hope. He reverted to his real name -- John Lydon -- and set about forming a band whose very identity kicked against press and media manipulation. Featuring bassist Jah Wobble, drummer Jim Walker, and guitarist Keith Levene, his new group were Public Image Limited. The public image would be limited. The album was never officially released in the USA back in the day, its sound considered too un-commercial by major-labels for an American release. First Issue has been lovingly reproduced from the original UK 1978 release and this expanded reissue also comes with a clutch of post-punk era treasures.

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