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quicksails-fleurs de la lune lp (captcha)

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quicksails: fleur de la lune

ltd restock. Fleur De La Lune is truly a record that is hard to pin down. It is a series of compositions of electronic music, touching on the Kosmiche school of krautrock and minimalist composers a là Terry Riley. BBB brings in loads of acoustic instruments and voices to create one of the more interesting experimental/jazz/avant garde records in recent memory. If I overheard someone describing this record by saying “it totally sounds like Silver Apples jamming with Joe McPhee,” I would think that sounded about right. This record is proof that BBB has a very developed understanding of free jazz. For me, this record came at the perfect time. If you let this record do its thing, it will not disappoint. You may not know where you are going, but the trip is going to be revelatory.

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