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quiet evenings-impressions lp (aguirre)

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quiet evenings: impressions

Following the much-loved Nova Scotian Arms/Motion Sickness Of Time Travel split LP on Aguirre, here's the second collaborative LP by the couple from LaGrange, Georgia. In a little over three years, the duo that comprise Quiet Evenings -- Grant and Rachel Evans -- have become two of the most prolific and active artists in the American underground. Each also has solo projects: Grant's Nova Scotian Arms and Rachel's Motion Sickness Of Time Travel. Between those as well as Quiet Evenings, they've amassed well over 50 releases for various labels in various editions. They also co-run the Hooker Vision label, clocking up a similar amount of releases for other kindred spirits. On Impressions, both sides offer super-repetitive drone-work in the highest form. Outer-space that balances a slow pace with an incredibly intense inertia to evolve immediately, yet gracefully. With minimal instrumentation of guitars and synthesizers, the pieces on Impressions captivate the listener into the world they've created. Far from the realm of pure ambient drift, subtle forces build within their disarming restraint and provide a stunning balance between light and shade. Quiet Evenings inhabit a ghostly space of unique elegance. This is a duo that can carry their craft well beyond standard shapes.

Quiet Evenings - Blue Dream

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