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r-a-g - the tales 1 12 (m>o>s)

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r-a-g: the tales 1

R-A-G's The Tales Of... Pt. 1 opens with "The Visitors (feat. Fat Nancy & Flappy)," with spooky deep-space synths slowly unfolding around distant vocal whispers. The heavy pads and icy ticks of the beatless, moody "The Conversation" suspend the listener in an unsettling darkness before "We Are Not Alone" totally flips the script with kinetic machine-gun lasers, coarse claps, elastic acid lines, and lots of dancefloor clout. "Medical Condition (feat. Fat Nancy & Flappy)," with its harsh claps, gurgling synths, and gloopy pads, is sure to make for some freaky, weird moments on the dancefloor in the dead of night.

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