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rabih beaini-albidaya lp (annihaya)

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rabih beaini: albidaya

debut solo lp of electronics/lebanese jazz & folk from rabih beaini aka morphosis & head of morphine/m>o>s records.

Albidaya in Arabic means "the beginning," which in the case of Rabih Beaini's, might be the return to the beginnings, or the start of the path. The album is conceptually a revisiting of the traditional and early psychedelic Arabic music, all through distorted paths and instruments, remashed and deconstructed sounds, recreating patterns with diverse instruments to give a different perspective of the sound itself. Includes musicians from Upperground, Piero, Bittolo, Bon, and Tommaso Cappellato. Commissioned by Annihaya in Lebanon, by Sharif Sehnaoui, Raed Yassin, and Hatem Imam -- includes artwork by Maria Kassab.

Rabih Beaini - Albidaya

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