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radius-interpolation tapes [restoration one] cd (echospace)

Price: $15.99


radius: interpolation tapes [restoration one]

Hot off the heels of the beautiful Obsolete Machines LP (2017), Radius's cassette demo restoration project returns to form with the Interpolation Tapes series. The original source tapes had aged, warped, and degraded and as a result Echospace have preserved the best segments, sampled and reprocessed with a vintage Prophet 2000 sampler, Studio 440, and various Linn samplers to add depth and range to the original source material. Echospace have spent nearly an entire year restoring and interpolating over 100 hours of music, processing sound and redesigning the blueprints of this long forgotten project. Every track was originally recorded down to an old Tascam 688, an 8-track cassette recorder that still sounds quite impressive even by modern standards, purchased and abused since 1992. Nearly every component has been replaced and re-calibrated to bring this obsolete machine back to life. It's been a truly nostalgic experience re-visiting and re-arranging these masters, regardless of the time passed, there's so much depth in sound design, raw emotions and when considering the limitations of hardware in the era these were recorded, they've truly aged like a fine wine... There's undeniably something in the air, a mystifying energy, long may it live on... Comes in a sleeve with retro matte UV finish.

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