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rainforest spiritual enslavement-water rose above the head 12 (bed of nails)

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rainforest spiritual enslavement: water rose above the head

Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement manifests on the Bed Of Nails compound with thrumming, sub-heavy techno and ambient incursions. "These Spirits Are Thought to Live Far Out at Sea and Are Usually Malevolent" clocks in at almost a quarter of an hour and is sunk deep with an aquatic 4/4 variant that recalls classic Chain Reaction: Porter Ricks, Vainqueur, Fluxion, albeit built within the framework of the Hospital/BoN aesthetic -- sporadic field recorded flourishes, found sounds and un-placeable percussion. "They Shoot Men with Flying Fish and Travel in Waterspouts or on Rainbows" offers a 10-minute set for the private afterhours; opening with an impossibly deep bass throb before dipping into a cornucopia of fake plastic ambience, a world where mechanical macaques and Chris Watson's weather recordings coalesce into a low-end mass that's somewhere between Kode9's Sine of the Dub and FSOL's Lifeforms -- an intriguing subversion of new age signifiers built to soundtrack a Ballard short set in a 2060 Berghain.

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