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ramesh-s/t cd (pharaway sounds)

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ramesh: s/t

In 1970s Tehran, the classically-trained Ramesh played the serious, quiet marquess against Googoosh's langorous pop princess. Both singers made the papers every time they changed their haircuts and appeared on TV frequently. However, while Googoosh now runs a cosmetics company in Los Angeles, they say Ramesh was killed in the political turmoil of the late '70s because she was a lesbian. Nobody knows for sure. What we do know is that she was a funky queen whose rich voice sits like a fat mink coat, twirling its melancholy way around long-necked lutes, backed by flurries of frame and goblet drums. And the sleazy, Western brass, strings, and synths are here too, slathered across rare singles for your shameless dancing pleasure. Welcome to the unpredictable world of pre-revolutionary Iranian pop music. Comes with booklet including extensive liner notes and pictures.

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