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rank/xerox-s/t cd (blast first petite)

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rank/xerox: s/t

Data-data-data-data goes the nagging needled guitar. This starts a 26-minute high velocity dystopian call to arms. 1978 shot through the 21st century canon (hello Savages). Tanted, chanted U.S. post-punk rock boy trio with a too-smart, too-cute, small "p"-pop sensibility with one of those mysterious classic cover artworks that, so alluringly simple, it acts as a portal into a whole other dimension. Wire(y), early Liars(y), with a dash of the Scritti trio that combine to make their very own highly potent cocktail of the now. If this doesn't have you jumping round the room, then you are already dead.

Rank/Xerox - S/T LP - A1 - Sterile Regions

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