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raresh-fabric 78 cd (fabric)

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raresh: fabric 78

Raresh is the final Romanian of the Ricardo Villalobos-endorsed [a:rpia:r] triumvirate to join the Fabric series. Across Fabric 78, we're treated to an array of textural atmospheres, intricate percussion lines and penetrating low-end tones, all instilled with mind-bending complexities to perfectly capture the essence of his sound. Offering up gritty, authentic deep house numbers, through to more hypnotic and electronic-led styles, the track selection is impeccably placed, resulting in a smooth, ever-evolving and dynamic mix throughout. Artists include: Renato Figoli, Dubtil, Papa Sang Bass, Sonja Moonear, Emi Nescu, Amir Alexander, Dilated Pupils, Nu Zau, Hakim Murphy, Murdoc, Vlad Caia, Mandar, S.A.M., Cristi Cons, Oshana, Topper, Andy Kolwes, Vincentlulian, Adsum, Daze Maxim, and Baby Ford.

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