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rasmus hedlund & tuomo vaananen-80 endless loops 2lp (ljudverket)

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rasmus hedlund & tuomo vaananen: 80 endless loops

ltd stock. As Ljudverket is a heavily art-influenced label, the second release was made as a part of a sound installation for an exhibition in Helsinki. Rasmus Hedlund and Tuomo Väänänen's 2LP consists of 80 locked groove loops, 20 on each side. The installation itself holds four vinyl players, where every side of the records are represented as a sound source, from where the participants could themselves choose a random loop and thus create their own soundscapes. This is one for the collectors, and no more than 200 copies are being produced. All loops written and produced by Rasmus Hedlund and Tuomo Väänänen.

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