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raudive-a system of objects cd (macro recordings)

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raudive: a system of objects

This is the second album from Oliver Ho aka Raudive. When Messiaen set out to transcribe birds' songs as models for his compositions, he couldn't have predicted that by now wild birds would have started to learn mobile phone ringtone patterns. For A System of Objects, Raudive maps an obliquely constructed world in which you lose all certainty of what is nature and what is design. Raudive celebrates dance and auditory scenes as rituals, employing our surroundings as sources of ahistorical "found sound" -- primitive technologies used to reach magickal states. A drum machine and a wooden stick, a sawtooth-shaped electric current and a split rock all turn into empirical objects of the same class, without a definite past or a predictable impact. We have become dependent on technology we don't grasp beyond its display surface. Our statistics deceive us. Lost on reason, we are thrown back on the ritual to reveal the hidden relations of what surrounds us: the club as emblematic center of the emancipated individual, longing to bond with equals, again. One of the original British techno innovators in the 1990s, after 2006 Oliver Ho shifted gear with his Raudive alias towards slower, hypnotically bouncing rhythms. Various shades of darkness and acoustic/metallic found-sound sources shape the Raudive aesthetic. His records have appeared on labels such as Cocoon, Running Back, Pokerflat, Thema and on his own Wires imprint. Mastered by Rashad Becker at Dubplates + Mastering, Berlin. Includes a 20-page photo booklet.

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