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rebolledo-super vato cd (comeme)

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Mexico's finest Mauricio Rebolledo has found a road to new frontiers because nobody beats the drum like him. Since his first appearance on the Cómeme label, he emerged as one of the most spotlighted figures out of the furious tribe of DJs, producers, and connoisseurs of the art of living. His unpredictable DJ sets have always been good for some fresh groove adventures -- be it tripping dark '80s disco, techno, funk, cosmic, synth-wave, or Latin EBM-style. His home is La Pitaya -- an area in the woods not far from the town Xalapa, the famous "Ciudad de las Flores" in the south-east of Mexico. Rebolledo headed south, went to the coastal town Playa Del Carmen, and opened the bar Corvette Ninja. He also hooked up with the legendary club La Santanera, where he met the Kompakt artists Tobias Thomas., Michael Mayer, Superpitcher and Matias Aguayo during his DJ residency. They all befriended him and took him under their wings to work on some fierce dance music. The result was the first Cómeme release, Bo Jack/Pitaya Frenesi -- an infectious double A-side EP that earned worldwide applause and took the dancefloors by storm. Since then, Rebolledo's life changed entirely. He designed the club, TOPAZdeluxe in the north east Mexican town Monterrey which he co-runs and curates. He travels constantly to South America, spends his summers in Europe, is half of the duo Pachanga Boys (with Superpitcher). His heart remains with the Cómeme tribe, blazing new trails in the dance music universe with a polyrhythmic, jacking sound-kaleidoscope that ranges from cúmbia, techno, disco, kwaito, cosmic, to house. In this family of fearless musicians, Rebolledo created a trademark sound that he describes as music that is inspired by the emotions that emerge when he listens to the power of The Warriors movie theme, the energy of "Billy Jean's" beat, the drive of the bass synth in Giorgio Moroder's "The Chase," the dark motion of the bass rhythm that drives "Thriller," and the anger of the snare drum of a Mexican military march. But the DJ and producer can't boogie alone. That's why he has delivered Super Vato -- an album of ten hypnotic tracks that pool together all temptations of the night. Cinematic beat music, full of psychedelic drill. A record like a John Carpenter movie: foggy, dark, thrilling, and full of scary special effects. Created with a '70s vintage Woody organ, Hammond rhythm machine, shakers, cowbells, and the Mexican donkey jaw and fuelled by marching drums, synths, percussion, and roaring car engines. With the help of befriended singers and musicians such as Rodrigo Cano, Matias Aguayo, Superpitcher, Diegors, Raquel Wolff, Miriam Torres, and Philipp Gorbachev, he grooves towards a new horizon and keeps it raw and basic. A record that absorbs you the more and more you listen to it.

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