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rebolledo-momento drive cd (kompakt)

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rebolledo: momento drive

It surely must be a pretty special DJ mixtape if a label sees the need for a CD edition -- in this age of total download overload, it's just something you don't do anymore. But along comes Rebolledo and proves everybody wrong with Momento Drive, a persuasive plea for a nearly forgotten format and a high point for a vanishing art form. The first major solo outing for Rebolledo after his adored full-length debut Super Vato from 2011 is a DJ mix --- in the hands of an artist as distinctive as the Mexican half of globetrotting duo Pachanga Boys, however, the result is just as engaging and idiosyncratic as any artist album. Rebo's own studio work makes a welcome appearance with the exclusive "Windsurf, Sunburn and Dollar," Pachanga Boys' "Poem for the Youth," their remix of Slove's "Flash" or Red Axes' "Caminho De Dreyfus" (reworked by the master himself) -- all of them proven bangers neatly interwoven with eerily fitting contributions from kindred spirits such as Barnt, The Twins, Wolfgang Voigt or Justus Köhncke. It truly is a rare feat to find a DJ mix informed with as much personality as this one -- especially when it comes paired with skilled flow and a knack for musical storytelling. A wonderful continuation of Kompakt's celebrated mix CD series, Momento Drive more than ticks all the right boxes -- like an excellent wine, it is an extraordinary sensory experience orchestrated by a world-renowned sommelier of sounds. Other artists include: Wally Gonzalez, Fanfaren, Christian S., Gebr. Teichmann, C.A.R., The Lovesupreme, Manfredas, VoxLow, and Ivan Smagghe.

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