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reeko-we are bandits ep (detroit underground)

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reeko: we are bandits

Spanish techno master Reeko makes his mark on Detroit Underground with a release exploring the darker facets of humanity in mesmerizing fashion, with rhythm and drone taking equal importance. “Lovers and Bandits” sets side A off with a brutal broken march, hard kicks building slowly into caverns of sonic noise. “BDSM” twists the sounds of pleasure and pain into an endless dark delay, leading you to the edge and right into “Hard Sex Club”, roiling with indecipherable voices and a hovering synth build that teases but never quite strikes. Side B straightens the beat with “Slaughter”, a searing background noise underpinning an evolving rotation of menace that pushes the beats forward into a pit of noise and sludge. “Sex With God” is a fierce techno rhythm, wet, crunchy, and percussive without the ubiquitous kick drum, building to a crescendo of heat and buzz. Finally, “Submissive Behavior” is a massive paranoid drone, prickly with hunger and menace. On “We Are Bandits”, Reeko strips down his explorations of sound and texture to the barest essences, making for an unsettling and intriguing listen. Graphic design from The Designers Republic.

side a1:

side a2:

side b1:

side b2:

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