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reinhard voigt-reisen & speisen 12 (kompakt)

Price: $13.99


reinhard voigt: reisen & speisen

Returning to his classic style of rugged, explosive techno, Kompakt luminary and cofounder Reinhard Voigt certainly isn't one to mince beats; Reisen & Speisen delivers two intense, minimalist bangers with lean and efficient structures finely tuned for maximum impact. The title-track drops a simple yet mind-melting synth horn into a seething primeval soup of stoic bass and stomping drums; it's a dead-aim floor projectile packing a worrying amount of punch. Flipside surprise "Wühler" showcases a rare electro exploit by an artist mostly known for unerring techno, indulging in a gnarly new wave bassline and some expertly placed synth splashes.

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