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reinhold friedl/dirk dresselhaus-real time 3cd (blume)

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reinhold friedl/dirk dresselhaus: real time

Reinhold Friedl and Dirk Dresselhaus come from really different backgrounds: Dirk Dresselhaus has released several experimental-electronic freak-pop recordings as Schneider TM since the late '90s. He started making music in the late '80s and developed his personal approach to sound and structure as an autodidact, starting with guitar effect devices and four-track home-recording. Reinhold Friedl studied mathematics and music, won scholarships and international commissions, and built up the ensemble Zeitkratzer, disrespecting all musical frontiers. So it's not astonishing that both met for the first time when Zeitkratzer performed Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music: Dirk Dresselhaus was enthusiastic about this unrestrained contemporary music group which devoted itself to the instrumentation of purely tuned guitar feedback. Dresselhaus and Friedl started their collaboration, which happened over the years in studios only, to address the question of what happens if you put those strange inside-piano sounds -- another domain where Friedl has set standards -- or those powerful, huge piano-drones into Schneider TM's electronic devices, modulating them with an incredibly complex feedback system and recursive effect-settings. Sometimes violent, sometimes subtle, mostly large-scale sound-fields that concentrate on only one sound or noise, developing an overwhelming impact. Reinhold Friedl plays pianoforte, harmonics, horse hair, metal sheet, fishing line, metal tube, inside-piano, extended piano; Dirk Dresselhaus plays oscillator, spring reverb, isolator, memory man, digital delay, mixing desk, lfo, noise generator, vibrator/time machine, pitch shifter, ring modulator.

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