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rendered-bendover ep (fleisch)

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rendered: bendover

RENDERED is the relatively new collaboration between Daniel Myer (Haujobb, Architect) & Clément Perez (14Anger), both veterans of their respective genres spanning early 90s EBM and darkwave to more recent destructive techno releases. This fresh offering via Fleisch combines both of their signature styles into a colossal and abrasive 31 minute rhythmic barrage. “BENDOVER” begins with subtle and eerie pads that are quickly overpowered by a punishing percussive sequence, only to periodically return to soft intricate synth work before swinging back to full power. The Codex Empire remix of the same track features his distinctive unhinged 4/4 assaults minus any overt melodic inclinations that might get in the way of his ‘hammer to the head’ effort. Doubtful any other producer would have been better suited to remix duties here than Mr. Empire. On the B side “GOTHICSHOCK”’s wobbly acidic synths melt well against a wall of distorted kicks and sweeping synths. “GIRLSCOUTINACOMA” starts with an electro-esque kick pattern before entering a 4/4 sequence head on and later imploding into squelchy and blistering finale. “STONECOLDSOUL” is the closest thing here resembling an EBM track, starting off with a classic one note arpeggiated synth sequence & aggressive tom fills before washing out into a textural and noisy inferno.

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