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renegade force-s/t 12 (snow dog/heavenly star)

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renegade force: s/t

rsd 2019. Previously unreleased six-track demo by forgotten NYC-area band Renegade Force. There is no background information about this recording, a salvaged demo by unknown musicians seeing collaborative release between Snow Dog and Heavenly Star Records (Clyde Alexander & Sanction, Margo's Kool Out Crew, Cloud One). The group's dead-on execution of Zulu Nation/Wild Style-era "live hip-hop band" vibe recalls Positive Force, Doug Wimbish, Planet Patrol, Pumpkin & Friends, and The Harlem Underground Band. The recording's origin is murky, the equipment/instrumentation (all analog by the sound of it) fits the early 1980s NYC landscape, with the influence of the emerging popularity of drum machines evident on "School Disco".

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