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revolutionary army of the infant jesus-mirror cd (occultation)

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revolutionary army of the infant jesus: mirror

Occultation present a reissue of Revolutionary Army Of The Infant Jesus's second album Mirror, originally released in 1991. Mirror was originally a CD-only release on Probe Plus. Mirror is possibly RAIJ's most diverse and eclectic collection. In addition to their signature blend of ethereal beauty and stark brutalism, the album burrows deep into the European psyche with multiple musical, literary, and spiritual allusions. The samples and field recordings on the album include dialogue from classic experimental cinema, medieval Spanish poets, and the dying strains of Albanian and East German propaganda broadcasts. Occultation's decision to re-release Mirror comes after the commercial and critical success of Beauty Will Save the World and a resurgence of interest in the work of the Liverpool-based collective who continue to defy musical categorization. New artwork featuring a painting by Liverpool-based artist, filmmaker, and photographer Paul Mellor. It depicts the opening frame of the film Mirror, by RAIJ's longstanding muse Andrei Tarkovsky. Leslie Hampson on the reissue: "To come back to Mirror after so long, it almost feels like a new release. We are also delighted that through our collaboration with Occultation we are in dialogue with a different and more diverse audience." CD version includes two bonus tracks from their 1992 EP Liturgie Pour La Fin Du Temps.

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