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ricardo donoso-iron/verse remixes 12 (digitalis)

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ricardo donoso: iron/verse remixes

Ricardo Donoso brings his triptych of releases to a close with this remix EP, bringing in five diverse artists to pick tracks for re-working. Yves De Mey offers a nerve-wracking, midnight-black take on "The Sphinx," which slowly builds through layers of skittering synths, while Recondite brings "Diagonal Environment" straight to the floor with a driving 4/4 that adds a solid backbone to proceedings. Paul Jebanasam presents a dark and winding "Affirmation" remix, complete with intricate compositional elements and blasting cinematics, while John Tejada offers a club-ready version of "The Redeemer" before Andreas Tilliander's TM404 provides an acid-soaked take on "Open Drawer, Full of Masks."

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