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ricardo donoso-one verse sharpens another 12 (digitalis)

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ricardo donoso: one verse sharpens another

The second part in a two-part 12" treatise that together will be entitled As Iron Sharpens Iron, One Verse Sharpens Another. Ricardo Donoso completes his latest trance mission for Digitalis with One Verse Sharpens Another. Four tracks of serpentine arpeggios, rolling bass pulses, and stealthy, soaring synth chords that simulate cybersex in anti-G, from the X-Files atmospheres and alien seduction of "The Redeemer," to the pilo-erect triggers and tense pizzicato strings of "Open Drawer, Full of Masks" and over to the sublime, supple bass roll and gentle ambient caress of "Child Primitive" and the mind-weaving Belgian trance bliss of "Master Game (Shape to Come)."

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