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ricardo villalobos-vasco cd (perlon)

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ricardo villalobos: vasco

ltd edition repress. This is minimal master Ricardo Villalobos' second full-length release for the Perlon label. Following the last two 12" Vasco releases featuring "Minimoonstar," "Electonic Water" & "Amazordum" (containing remixes on the B-sides by Shackleton, San Proper & Baby Ford), this CD contains the full-session mix of "Minimoonstar" (32 minutes long!) as well as a CD-exclusive bonus track entitled "Skinfummel." You know, it is most important to get into the flow. This is quite possibly Villalobos' most experimental dance music to date, driving home his ever-widening philosophy that when styles have fallen into oblivion, when dance is subliminal, when positions don't matter, when discussions have faded, when every substance has been dropped, when everyone is free of inert mass, when the set-up is cleared of significance, then mindset and music will float freely. The journey of the most successful explorer, the commander of a floating ship starts from a pool full of nutritionally-dense ideas, a primordial soup filling a feel tank -- as opposed to a think tank. Moves that make a jam session -- that's how to begin when entering and establishing new playgrounds, designing organic technologies, expanding universes. There's enough space to place countless seeds of sense, causing the joint communication between the players of the jam to flower out. The players of these jams are the many spirits of Ricardo Villalobos. His philosophy of the flow of absolute sound is in full evolution here, and this is 70 minutes worth of pure bliss.

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