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richard hinge-changes 12 (new york trax)

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richard hinge: changes

new york trax storms out of the gate in 2016 with a crushing release from none other than RICHARD HINGE. Mr. Hinge, a pioneering proponent of NY techno since the early 90’s, has outdone himself once again with this no-compromises gem, plumbed from the depths of his hardware based Brooklyn studio. Having taken a hiatus from production since his seminal releases on Conrail, Sonic Groove, Hidden Agenda, Disko B and Path Records, Hinge triumphantly reclaims his seat at the table of NY techno greats with this 12”. Only available on NEW YORK TRAX. “Changes” is a track which sounds like changes. Steadily and intently, it evolves and progresses until it breaks the surface and becomes part of your reality. Ever had voices in your head? Auditory hallucinations? Well, you like techno, so likely the answer is yes. Now, imagine those voices over a heavily distorted beat. Unless you’re headstrong, “Voices in my head” might be your worst nightmare, but given the right dance floor, time, and space, serious damage can be done in the best possible way. “Movement”, a deep and dreamy affair, rounds out the EP. Here Hinge has no mercy and he wakes you up from that sweet dream with a short rain of intense hi-hats and throbbing subsonics.

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