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ripatti/teeth-ripatti04 12 (ripatti)

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ripatti/teeth: ripatti04

Sasu Ripatti (Vladislav Delay) meets Finnish brethren and Signal Life boss, Twwth (aka Teeth) on the fourth drop from his eponymous imprint. Both tracks were galvanized from the sessions laid down by the duo at Ripatti's studio, making for some of the most forward, rugged gear in either's arsenal. The A-side is strobing, hyper-kinetic realignment of Chicago footwork factored with sculpted sub-bass propulsion, fibrillating percussion and bleak, Carpenter-esque pads. The B-side brings the funk in a different style, percolating skittish hi-hats and hydraulic subs with the kind of polymetric momentum that could tie Storyboard P in knots. Proper, next-level grooves from the cold, cold north.

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