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robin rimbaud-the garden is full of metal/homage to derek jarman cd (sub rosa)

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robin rimbaud: the garden is full of metal/homage to derek jarman

New design, remastered + unreleased tracks for this 2014 edition. On the 20th anniversary of the passing of Derek Jarman and this reissue, Robin Rimbaud (aka Scanner) reviewed many of the materials in his archive and discovered four selections that were originally left off the release but now feels that they offer another viewing. Says Rimbaud: "This is a creative mind and man I still miss, but who thankfully and finally seems to be receiving the accolades he should have received long ago." This album is a collection of memories taking recordings from spaces that Jarman inhabited or experienced -- from the walk to the sea's edge from his cottage in Dungeness through to the roar of London congestion round his Charing Cross flat -- Robin has attempted to create a fluid, elegiac sound portrait, a form of resonant landscape painting that weaves through recordings of Jarman's own voice. He applied the term "sound Polaroids" to describe these intimate, isolated, improvised moments, the same way a Polaroid camera captures an image for a moment, almost disposable, forgotten, a tiny epiphany that dwells within but surfaces at unexpected triggers. The majority of the sound here is abstracted and processed through modest means, cutting, stretching and editing tape -- acoustic data like this once digitized dissolves into a form that one can mould and re-shape in an almost sculptural manner.

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