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rockart-house ep (sharp-flat/roastin')

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rockart: house

Mystical, minimal house offering hailing from South Africa in the mid-2000s courtesy of Cape Town indie labels Sharp-Flat and Roastin' Records. RockArt was a hybrid-electro performance art project that emerged during a golden age for electronic music in the Cape, the post-Y2K scene spurred by the maverick African Dope record label that marked the rise of cult outsiders Felix Laband and Tudor Watkins Jones. Harnessing the combined powers of seasoned jazz musicians Hilton Schilder and Alex van Heerden, RockArt cooked up a signature futurist formula laced with musical bows and voice samples that was unmistakably indigenous. Intended as a companion to the group's Future Cape album of 2006, House was conceived as a long-form soundscape of tribal electronica that could stand alone on its own merits but also provide a backdrop for live instrumental improvisation. The project was shelved following the untimely death of Alex van Heerden in 2009 but emerges from Hilton Schilder's archive as a reminder of the duo's profound collaborative alchemy. Running at 28 minutes over two sides of 12-inch maxi cut at 45RPM, House is available as a boutique vinyl offering with a psychedelic art sleeve pressed in a first edition of 300 copies.

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