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rose kallal-vermillion vortex lp (we can elude control)

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rose kallal: vermillion vortex

This June the London based experimental electronics label We Can Elude Control presents Vermillion Vortex its third limited edition release. The 12" record by the New York musician and filmmaker Rose Kallal, is the title track to the recent film by artist John Russell commissioned by Art Review, with Kallal providing the driving score to Russell's mindbending visual essay on capital, media and faith. Presented as a limited 200 white vinyl edition the 12" features a remix by Kranky and Holy Mountain artist Robert A.A Lowe, aka Lichens, and includes an exclusive John Russell print from the film (pictured above). Within the sonic maelstrom of Vermillion Vortex Rose Kallal's background in New York's film and experimental metal scene soaks through in the dense frame of muscular drones and cataclysmic percussion that form the hypnotic spine of the track, and a bedrock for the prophetic vocals supplied by British artist and curator Mark Beasley. On the flip side fellow New Yorker Robert A.A. Lowe offers up a translation of Kallal's original, incorporating his trademark modular synth aesthetic and pulsating tones, delivering an inimitable reaction to the original score. Released on June 6th the release follows on from the labels previous output by Mick Harris (Scorn/ Lull), Karl O'Connor (Regis/Sandwell District) as well as a previous 7" release by Rose Kallal entitled Narcissus Trance which was presented as part of an exhibition featuring work by Tuner Prize nominee Mark Titchner, painter Wade Guyton, and author and conceptual artist Tom McCarthy.

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