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run dust-leisure village lp (in paradisum)

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run dust: leisure village

Leisure Village is the most cohesive Run Dust album to date following his relocation to upstate New York. It's released on In Paradisum, the home of Mondkopf and Low Jack. Powerful songs of melodic electronica for lovers of early Aphex Twin. Luke Calzonetti's personal trajectory is as unconventional as his music is. He's gone from fashion model to grindcore jazz player, from New York to Germany and back. When he's not producing ten songs a week, he's working on paintings that share the qualities of his music -- at the crossroads of instinctive and energetic punk moves and evocative figures, all with an unescapable, irremediable oddness. Leisure Village follows the Serf Rash LP on In Paradisum (2015) which as one of the label's best success, gathered support Ben UFO and The Wire magazine, and was then followed-up by the mini-album Supermarché (2015). Both featured no-wave ingrained, dubbed-out electronic vignettes that went from classy bruitisme to eerie collages, from rhythmic eruptions of, as Noisey called it, "brutal tech-noir", to evanescent electronica meditations of what Boomkat called "biting clarity". Artwork by Albert Oehlen.

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