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salty dog-s/t lp+7 (strawberry rain)

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salty dog: s/t

Having formed during the height of the Zamrock period, Salty Dog was a three man band modeled after the Jimi Hendrix Experience. Wanting to base the band around the concept of the force of life, Salty Dog was chosen for the band's name because it is a slang term for 'sperm.' The eighth release on the Zambezi imprint, Salty Dog is one of the most obscure Zambian titles from the era having failed to achieve the success of some of their peers like Witch. The self-titled release is a combination of psychedelic rock, blues, and folk, with all English songs. Really good from start to end, essential for collectors of African rock and insanely rare as an original. Comes with a 7" of the non-LP single that was released before the album titled Sunday Morning Sunshine.

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