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sascha funke-ifa ep (turbo)

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sascha funke: ifa

Berlin's Sascha Funke weighs in with a hard-hitting new four-tracker for Tiga's label. "IFA" sounds like the kind of peak-time party power you'd expect in the darker hours of the deepest sets - basic, visceral limb pumping with full disorientation and actual mind-losing. "Robur" rolls out of that space with minimalistic-tribalism, sounding like a mental apocalyptic march. "MZ" opens up with a chord progression that blooms into ecstatic, piano-house - think "oldschool baby', revisited with bittersweet self-awareness. "Barkas" recalls the tones and timbres from In Relationen (2016), reflecting an emotionally placid state - a sound of radiant clarity.

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