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sasha-gameovr 12 (watergate)

Price: $13.99


sasha: gameovr

Sasha drops his debut EP on Watergate, GameOvr. Two original tracks, including the long-awaited "Trigonometry", and remixes from Cassy and La Fleur. "Trigonometry" is as ethereal as it is compelling, constantly building up to the sublime breakdown and those iconic chords that have left ravers spellbound worldwide. La Fleur puts her stamp on the remix, keeping the riff but adding gravitas with a rhythmic bassline. "GameOvr" is a strong techno track that keeps with Sasha's constant focus on the future. Cassy remixes the title track, delivering a harder-edged driving cut with a heavier kick drum, echoing chords, and hypnotic percussion.

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