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sawlin-niedertracht 12 (ann aimee)

Price: $13.99


sawlin: niedertracht

German producer Sawlin is back for a third EP on the Delsin sister label. Niedertracht features four more tracks of searing techno in truly uncompromising Sawlin-style. "Kontraktion" goes first with heavy metallic hits, lots of industrial machinery found-sounds and thumping kick-drums. The surface of "Padjam" is then covered in squirming, scratchy little effects as syncopated drums swing deep down below. "Niedertracht"is a spangled techno track that has gurgling synths and fizzing drills all encased in a rave-y arrangement of horns and windy howls. "Weibhaupt" is made up of metal loops, punctured drums and rasping synths that sound like factories in meltdown.

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