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sculpture-slime code lp (digitalis)

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sculpture: slime code

Following a duo of LPs for Dekorder, Dan Hayhurst (audio) and Reuben Sutherland (visuals) recorded Slime Code for Patten's Kaleidoscope label which originally issued a version on cassette tape in 2012. This music was performed live to eight-track tape from which a digital edit was compiled and from that came this exclusive vinyl version. Visually and sonically, disorientation and imperfection play a major role. From the bewildering and complex cover art straight down to the insanity of its scope, Slime Code's impact starts from the second you get the record in your hands and doesn't end until the broken tribal blasts and cybernetic electronics close down the show. Submerged blips act like aural drips falling into a rapidly-flowing river of tropical bounce until dissolving into squalls of synthetic noise. The music operates as a highly visual level across two extended pieces consuming disfigured bleeps and herky jerky post-techno rhythms sounding like Sun Ra meets Ekoplekz in a conical flask of liquid mescaline, all spun through a centrifuge at Daphne Oram's home lab. Yet far from being an abstract mush of sonics, their logic dictates a strong sense of linearity that's almost reflective of the dancefloor, to an extent much like Diamond Catalog, and somehow also of the lilting metallic timbres associated with Konono No. 1, or Harmonious Thelonious and The Durian Brothers 12"s on Diskant. The intangible magic of their sound lies in the way their grooves dissolve and reassemble at will, performing almost impossible segues between seemingly insoluble sounds and rhythms in spiraling vortices of frothy geometric convolution made to immerse and stimulate your pineal gland to joyfully lysergic effect. Cut to vinyl by Lupo at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin.

Sculpture "Slime Code" (Vinyl Excerpts) by Digitalis Recordings

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