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sebastian mullaert-chant de paris 12 (ovum)

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sebastian mullaert: chant de paris

Sebastian Mullaert hits the ground running with his sublime Ovum debut. Clocking in at a hefty 16 minutes in length, the title-track is a heady excursion which flirts with reverb-drenched ouds and meandering keyboard scales, conveying an air of Arabic mystique. An array of acidic synths move in and out of focus, while skittering hi-hats and ride cymbals slowly build upon rafts of kinetic energy. In an impressive display of versatility, Mullaert promptly flips the vibe from Berlin basement to Ibiza sunset with "Recapturing the Radical Self," which features brooding 303 squelches and sharp claps, slowly ascending into a state of full-on Balearic bliss.

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