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sebastian mullaert-you're an orchestra in the cosmos 12 (green)

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sebastian mullaert: you're an orchestra in the cosmos

Sebastian Mullaert follows his boundary-blurring collaboration with Ulf Eriksson, The Dance (Kontra-Musik, 2015), with another future-focused dispatch from his secretive sound-lab. An eight-minute freeform jazz-minded jam that owes just as much to Bugge as it does the Belleville Three, "You're an Orchestra in the Cosmos" is a luxurious groove peppered with cosmic improvisation and star-gazing spoken-word. Mullaert has invested every atom of his soul and thought into the original, his "Blinkarp Dub," and the spacious dub hypnosis of his vinyl-only Wa Wu We remix. Green label co-founder Joris Voorn offers his own deep, peak-time interpretation of the track.

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