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sebastopol-sebastopolis, the journey lp (art's different music)

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sebastopol: sebastopolis, the journey

Sebastopol. From the Greek Sevastos polis: Venerable city. Marc Debroey could arguably have chosen a better moniker for his new musical project. His former efforts - Indicators, 7 A Nou, but especially Fat's Garden - were all as idiosyncratic as they come, but always straight from the heart. Sebastopol is a new state of the union. Not concerned with being the flavor of the month, it's firmly focused on the journey and the destination. The Journey containing instrumental pieces akin to the work of artists as diverse as Legowelt, Alessandro Cortini and John Carpenter. Meanwhile, each song, describes a facet of the human condition against a backdrop of Baltic harbor towns, where the iciness of the water contrasts with the natural warmth of the wooden houses. The Journey was analogically recorded in Marc Debroey's home studio, treated and mixed in Staf Verbeeck's Stiff studio and mastered at Jerboa, by Frederik Dejongh.

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