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second storey-lucid locations cd (houndstooth)

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second storey: lucid locations

Alec Storey has been having a fantastic couple of years. In terms of his solo output, he's released an EP on the rhythmic powerhouse Nervous Horizon (2016), along with several releases as Al Tourettes, and he has also released several collaborative EPs with his trusted chap Appleblim on R&S Records. Now, Second Storey returns to his home label, Houndstooth, and is back with Lucid Locations. Lucid Locations is a collection of irrevocably personal productions that were written between his movements between Suffolk and London, all whilst the label's dad, Fabric, was closing down and Brexit had become a reality. Lucid Locations winds down paths that explore breakbeat, electro, IDM, and techno. For any listeners wanting to sink their teeth into something far-reaching and familiar at the same time, this is definitely worth checking out. "Barrel Roll" is a perfect entry point, not only because it captures the essence of Second Storey as a project in 2017 (as well as his growth from the excellent Al Tourettes releases), but it also emphasizes the perseverance and poise that Storey carries over from his personal life into the tracks that he creates. Keep on, carry on, and rave until the lights come on.

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