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secret circuit-green mirror 2lp (invisible inc)

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secret circuit: green mirror

It seems like a long time since we last heard anything from the talented Secret Circuit aka Eddie Ruscha! Truth is he's been more prolific than ever...just not with his Secret Circuit alias. For those of you unfamiliar with his work Secret Circuit is audiovisual artist and L.A. native Edward Ruscha V (yes indeed, son of THEE Ed Ruscha, legendary pop artist) who’s been on the music scene since time immemorial. He has been a member of innumerable bands and projects over the years including Medicine, Maids Of Gravity, Radar Bros and punk-dub outfit Future Pigeon to name a few as well as managing to squeeze in time for his equally multifarious and highly productive solo ventures. In just the last few years he's released a string of records under his own E Ruscha V moniker for labels such as Beats In Space, Good Morning Tapes and Fourth Sounds as well as finding time for several collaborations including Doctor Fluorescent (Crammed Discs), The Parels (Lal Lal Lal) and XLNT (DFA). You could say he's prolific! So it's definitely a long overdue and most welcome return for Secret Circuit. The "Green Mirror" album is a double LP comprised of 21 new pieces (80+ minutes of music) recorded between 2020 and 2022. It captures that spacey otherworldly quality Secret Circuit is known for, but the music also veers towards the warmer, ambient textural territories that his recent E Ruscha V and Only Thingz projects altogether softer sensibility. Yet nevertheless this album is very much "Secret Circuit". Invisible Inc wanted to explore a side of Ruscha's that hadn't been captured so clearly before, focussing on his more emotive yet at the same time experimental side (is that a paradox?). Very rarely do we hear musicians using modular synths to create something so human sounding, and when juxtaposed alongside slide guitars, live bass and vocodered vocals, we have something very special indeed. Then there's the artwork...all lovingly drawn by the bubbling mind and deft fingers of Eddie himself. The package is made complete with a double-sided colour insert with liner notes (which happen to be written in reverse, naturally, so you'll need a mirror to read them) and another of Eddie's mind-warping doodles. This is not like anything else you will's true art and you'll definitely need a very open mind to reap the rewards of this beautiful piece of work. A future weirdo classic in the making

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