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seekersinternational-the call from below lp (digitalis)

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seekersinternational: the call from below

SeekersInternational comes from the mysterious Transmolecular collective, heavily-informed by sound-system culture and sounding like classic material from Rhythm & Sound, Kit Clayton, Disrupt, Actress, Pole and Andy Stott. The album was written and compiled during the darkest hours: dubbed-out rhythms echo from smoldering speakers, looped to infinity like a message to the heavens. It's the driving force behind this music that sings in its distinct, confused voice while wondering where it all went wrong and how to dig out of that barren hole. Fledgling beats are built through repetition and embrace; they are the beginning of the end and deliverance from the bottom. I hesitate to call this music spiritual, but it's hard to deny the purified feeling that SKRS leaves you with. This is music that will fill not just physical spaces, but also all the crevices within. It's been mastered and assembled in such a way as to maximize its impact and to underline that The Call from Below is the sound of home. Mastered by The Stunt Man at Suite Sound Labs and cut to vinyl by Lupo at Dubplates + Mastering, Berlin. Cover illustration by Mysteryforms.

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