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seven davis jr-dancing in the sun 12 (ninja tune)

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seven davis jr: dancing on the sun

Seven Davis Jr continues his intergalactic voyage, picking up the thread from his debut album "Universes" and collating four stellar trax under the title: "Dancing On The Sun". The title track and it's partner remix 'See The Light' are superb examples of SDJR at his tracky best: a pair of rough 'n' ready and wildly jackin' - but oh-so-sweetly swung - four-to-the-floor grooves. Also aimed squarely at the dancefloor, 'Church' marries dayglo synth stabs with a mighty, clattering drum track and gospel vox. Rounding off the EP, 'Spliffs' slows the tempo down to a thick, woozy, phased-out hip-hop funk. Further proof, if you needed it, that SDJR travelled here from another planet to show us a different way.

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