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shampoo boy-licht lp (blackest ever black)

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shampoo boy: licht

shampoo boy is peter rehberg, christgina nemec, & christian schachinger. working within the subtle to the sheer. this guitar/electronics/bass trio flatg out rips. features 2/3 of peterlicker but you probably already knew that.

press release: Licht is the debut album by Shampoo Boy, a new guitar, bass and electronics trio from Vienna, comprising members Christian Schachinger, Christina Nemec, and Peter Rehberg. Schachinger and Rehberg have played together in various projects over the last 25 years, most notably Peterlicker -- see Last Slave (2010) and Nicht (2011), both released on Editions Mego. Schachinger was also involved in Der Scheitel, their album In einem Haus das Liebe heißt being a classic of German "Schlagermusik." Rehberg currently operates the Editions Mego family of labels and is a member of KTL, R/S, and Fenn O'Berg as well as working on theater productions with Gisele Vienne, and with choreographer Margret Gudjonsdottir. Nemec's background is in avant-rock and industrial outfits such as Bray and her own performance group SV Damenkraft. She remains highly active as a solo artist, both as Chra and under her own name, and she has performed on several occasions with Lydia Lunch. Licht is made up of four improvisations recorded and mixed at Twisted, Wien between April 2012 and January 2013. Mastered by Noel Summerville at 3345, London. Artwork by Stephen O'Malley.

Shampoo Boy - Licht

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