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shapednoise-deafening chaos serenity ep (type)

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shapednoise: deafening chaos severity

Nino Pedone, aka Shapednoise, provides a concept suite inspired by the "Serenity Manifesto" of Eric Burton (Rabit) and Francesco Birsa Alessandri - a sort of poetic inversion of Luigi Russolo's futurist manifesto, The Art of Noises (1913). In "Motion And Depth" or the bleached electro-acoustic structures of "Delusional Path" he dissolves the tension of Emanuele Porcinai's strings into a syntax of ecstatic physics. The subatomic diffusion of "Resistance To A Harmonious Vision" with Roly Porter speaks to an experience of luscious sensory overload. In the tumultuous "Pulling At The Seams Of Existence", he and Rabit embrace the discord of uncertainty.

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