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shelter-zon zon zon lp (international feel)

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shelter: zon zon zon

Shelter is Alan Briand, a young Parisian producer with a strong melodic center producing a sound that pulls on the zouk, the Afro, the Balearic and the ambient palette. Zon Zon Zon is only his fifth release and his first mini-album, following the series on International Feel that delivered material from Len Leise, Wolf Muller & Cass., and CFCF. International Feel first met Shelter on a trip to Paris a few years back. It sounds like a story from a Nick Hornby novel, but there's a record shop in Paris called L'International Records, run by a guy called Dave, who has a group of young French DJs, producers, and promoters that visit the store, hang out, and buy and listen to music - a story no doubt currently being repeated throughout the world as new generations immerse themselves in the culture. Shelter is a producer who has sucked up all that he has been hearing around him for a number of years and is now producing a quality sound, pulling on the exotic. The seven tracks on this mini-album are taken from an extensive pool of Shelter's melodic magic. Some people lead on the beats, some on the production, but Alan focuses on the melody, with the beat closely tied in as support. "Señor Zalla" starts the album with an Afro vibe, closely followed by the zouk-style of "Zon Zon Zon" and "Port-au-Coeur"'s mellow Balearic tones, as Shelter twists nature's sounds into his own sonic world. "Bucolica", an upbeat wonder of a track, turns to the ambient mantra of "Courant Rouge" and its distant cousin "Courant Bleu", a classic rhythmic Balearic piece with syncopated melody and delayed drums. "La Volière" (the French can make even "bird cage" sound beautiful) brings the album to a close with a smile in the mind's eye. Zon Zon Zon is universal. It could easily have been created in Ibiza or Canada, Australia or Africa. It was in fact recorded at Paris, where Shelter forged beauty through the sounds of nature and uncovers a wisdom in its simplicity. Expect good things from Alan. Here's the first chapter. 180 gram vinyl.

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