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shifted-drft002 12 (drifting over)

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shifted: drft002

Shifted returns to Drifting Over. The fledging imprint, launched by the Avian label head last year to provide a more immediate outlet for Shifted material, sees Guy Brewer in strict dance floor mode - eschewing abstract leanings found on work for the Avian label proper in favour of a more direct approach. Stripped back and instantly propulsive, drawing listeners and dancers alike in with both subtle sonic movements and more no-nonsense, high octane rhythmic shifts. Despite remaining characteristically greyscale, Brewer injects a palpable energy and colour into the work, drawing out new tones in recognisable sounds - finding new space in a production aesthetic he’s spent the last few years perfecting. It’s a record that showcases some of the best of Avian’s more forthright dance floor exploration and Brewer continues expand on the label’s blueprint. Exquisitely executed by an artist in form, DRFT002 presents a powerful, streamlined vision of hard hitting contemporary Techno.

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