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sigha-living with ghosts 2lp (hotflush)

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sigha: living with ghosts

London DJ and producer James Shaw aka Sigha confidently returns to the label with his heavily-anticipated debut LP, Living With Ghosts. For this offering, he presents 12 impressive techno and ambient productions and fuses his love of classic UK techno with the contemporary sound that currently pulses through Berlin's Berghain. Since his 2009 debut on the label, Sigha has organically shifted further and further into the straight 4/4 realm of techno, embracing the subterranean, darker soundscapes of his new production home base, Berlin. However, hiding under all that bass, one can still hear the whisper of many long-forgotten shoegaze numbers: My Bloody Valentine, Sonic Youth, and Slowdive, some of Sigha's heaviest influences, vibrate throughout. Years of playing guitar in London bands defined Sigha's musical start and gave him an ear for the emotive. He was able to merge both worlds after quite literally stumbling across techno by chance, igniting his love of electronic music. Ever since, he's expertly navigated the halls of UK garage and dub, releasing on Hotflush, Blueprint, and his own fledgling imprint, Our Circular Sound.

Sigha 'Living With Ghosts' Hotflush Recordings [HFLP009]

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