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silkworm-libertine 2lp+cd (comedy minus one)

Price: $23.99


silkworm: libertine

Long overdue deluxe reissue of their out-of-print 1994 LP, the 3rd & final full-length record by the band as a quartet. Double 12" pressing w/supplementary CD including bonus material from the band's time in the studio. Triple-threat songwriting, 2 cagey guitars circling the drain but never going under, a bassist whose axe looks like an oar & sounds like the metal cable of a suspension bridge, anchored by a drummer clad in little more than gardening gloves whose kick drum is the oversize kind favored by marching bands. All in all, a combination as heady as it was brainy. "Very few bands make even one great album. Silkworm made several, & this is the first."-Steve Albini

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