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sim hutchins-vantablank stare ep (uiq)

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sim hutchins: vantablank stare

Aesthetically, Sim Hutchins's Vantablank Stare EP's roiling post-jungle-ism and fractured dub techno recalls N1L and Lanark Artefax, but its conceptually closer to Sam Kidel's Disruptive Muzak. The music uses samples of radio waves, covert signals, and intercepted E-Comms as the raw material for an impressionistic tussle of invisible forces, translating as disembodied jungle structures in "Some Men (You) Just Want To Watch The World Burn", and as an allegory for textural attrition in "Nescience Is Not Ignorance", whilst "Some Men (Me) Just Want To Let The World Burn" is a knottier tract of warped, quicksilver dub techno.

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